a contemporary science-fiction, fantasy, magical realism, supernatural short story collection
Available in eBook, Audiobook, and Paperback

Keenan, a guide at Daylight Chasers, is hired to lead Isabella through a day that “nearly” never ends. As the top agent, he excels at calming the excitable and inspiring the timid, as they journey across the globe one time zone at a time. Despite his years of experience, Keenan soon realizes that he is going to need a lot more than his familiar script when it comes to Isabella’s expedition. 

When the planned activities all start going south, Keenan finds himself struggling to respond to Isabella’s mercurial moods. 

With each adventure sending them further from the planned path, Keenan begins to wonder how can he be the guide when even he is feeling lost?

The Fable of Wren was Spark’s debut publication, released January, 2019.

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