before i go i want you to know

A poetry, short story, and art collection for anyone who is afraid no one could love their broken parts…
Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

It is human nature to be drawn to train wrecks.

In this collection of poetry, short stories, and artwork, Rue Sparks exposes the reality of broken bones, scraped knees, and calloused hands.

We rehearse tragedy by reliving the stories of those that have been there; believing that if we tread that road enough times we will be ready for the improbable.

But there are some wrecks that can’t be prettied up for public consumption. Some pain has no purpose, and happily ever after is never the end of the story. Sometimes we keep going not for cosmic retribution, our just reward, or as an inspirational anecdote.

We keep going simply because we have no other choice.

‘before i go i want you to know’ was released as an ebook for Kindle May 1st, 2024.
Get the ebook on Kindle or Kindle Unlimited

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